Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Venus Squared - The Finish, re-envisioned

So there I was busy posting The Finish and it's sequel The Surety on the Harper Collins website Authonomy and I suddenly had a brainwave: there will be a quartet of books, each being part of the Venus Squared series.

Here are the titles and their subtitles:
The Finish - The Progress of a Murder, Uncovered
The Surety - A Candid Account of Crimes Committed
The Debt - The Circumstances of Depravity, Bemoaned
The Trade - The Atrocious Life of a Whore, Described

If you've a mind to read a little of both The Finish and The Surety, then get on down to Authonomy where you can join up and read for free. Here's the link to my page: Angela Elliott on Authonomy

If you read and review, then the best books are also read by editors at Harper Collins on a regular basis. It's an opportunity to get my work in front of a major publisher.

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